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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teachers appreciation gift - starring Chick Fil-a :)

Teacher's Appreciation bags for my church teachers - 

(with a little help from Chick Fil-a!)

For teacher's appreciation this year I decided I wanted to give them something "practical" that they would actually use (and like!).  So, I talked to a local Chick fil-a and told them my budget. They worked with me so that all my teachers (around 45) would get a $5 gift certificate or a free meal :)
I attached the gift certificate (with the above tag - a"moo"-sing huh? ;)  I traveled around pinterest for a little help with the pun but ended up with "Thank "moo" very much for sharing your gifts with Highland - we are "udderly" grateful" :) Then I hung it on the gift bag which we filled with a HEALTHY breakfast - including an apple, orange juice, yogurt, granola bar and a napkin and spoon. I got a lot of thank you's for both -especially the breakfast!  
I then attached a home made "thank you teachers" chick fil a card (using a pic from the internet and a photo editing program :) which you can print for free off my teacherspayteachers site :) The idea was to write a quick personal thank you on the back of the cow card...or have the kids do it - but I ran out of time. They still liked it :) 

On the other side of the bag I attached a "thank you" poem called "Why God Made Teachers" that you can find here

I love Pinterest and getting ideas-but I prefer my gifts to be useful-especially if I'm going to be spending a lot of money :) ...and not just cutesy :)

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