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Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy 40th Big Sister!!!

In honor of my beautiful sister turning 40, I sent her a present of 40 things...of 40 things for her 40th :)  yes, I'm pretty sure there were 40 (could've been 39 but I couldn't wait any longer to send it and didn't want to count it yet again ;) and yes, there were actually 40 of each item (except maybe the dimes...cause I just couldn't scrounge up the last two :)  I thought I'd share what I sent, cause I needed some ideas when I was planning this and couldn't find many on the internet or pinterest!  So maybe someone else can get an idea or two from this :)  Since I sent it late (as always) I didn't want to post this until she got it...which is why the post is late :)  I hope she had fun opening the 40 items...which my daughter and I wrapped :)  And hopefully her 8 year old helped to unwrap it :) 

So, 40 of 40 things - first stop, the dollar store :)  I didn't want to send trash she'd just throw away so I tried to find things she or her kids could actually day 😉 I also kept in mind that her daughter has a birthday this month as well so maybe some of her present can be used for that :) Here are some things I got at the dollar tree...

(pink) plastic shot glasses
pom pom balls
party napkins (yes, they were pink)
(pink...cause she loves pink) plastic party picks
pipe cleaners
band aids
hair ties/bows

40 baby bottles (I only did this cause it came in a pack of 40 :) couldn't help myself :)
I should've sent 40 candles! but I didn't see any...I'm sure I missed them but didn't want to go back :)
googly eyes
pink nail stickers
glow sticks

 paper clips

40 grams (?) Dove chocolate bar...all I know is it had a 40 in it :)
zip ties
bobby pins

Some things I didn't get a picture of...
post its
plastic utensils
40 pieces of gluten-free cereal
-a little box of raisins (has approx 40 raisins in it...give or take a few :)
rubber bands
pink balloons
Some things I didn't do but was going to...
1 cent stamps

The "best" gift was a gift certificate.  I wanted to be able to put my own amount on it and very few will let you do that (unless you go TO that store/place) but I found a movie theater gift card that let you put on your own amount :) I chose to do $20.20...which equals 40 ;)

I also put together or found some lists to add to the gifts.  I printed them out, stuck them in an envelope and added them to my 40 things...if you want to use them you can download them for free on my teachers pay teachers page :)

- 40 things turning 40 in 2015 (this was hard to put together, but after some digging I got 40!)
- 40 memories...these were handwritten memories I have of my sister and I, cut up and stuck in an envelope :)

So, there are my 40 things for a wonderful 40 year old :)  Happy Birthday!!  

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