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Monday, October 28, 2019

Scripture Based/Religious Escape Rooms!

I have started writing escape rooms for my kids and youth at church - just for fun :)  I'm selling them on my teachers pay teachers site to earn a little extra money for me and my family.  If you're interested, here is a list and description of all of the ones I've made so far - including their links and cost.  Hopefully having them all in one place will help you make a decision on which would work best for your group and occasion!  I base the cost on how many of the puzzles I have to create and how much work you have to do, as well as how much you have to buy.  I don't charge much because I know churches don't have a lot of money :)  To aid in the cost, the majority of my escape rooms use the same locks/boxes.  The locks and hasp you see in the above picture I use repeatedly but I don't use that lockbox anymore - too many locks don't fit in it.  Instead, I use these - and they cost less!  

1.  Scripture Based Escape Room $6 - This was my second ER that I made.  It's the most viewed and sells the most...but in my opinion, it's not my best one. lol I think it sells more because of the name - but pretty much all of my ER's are Scripture based.  This one just has a LOT of scripture in it that needs to be looked up.  This one only costs $6 because there are some clues you will need to put together yourself.  Here is the description:  
"Step by step instructions on how to carry out an Escape room for Tweens and Middle schoolers (and even high school and adults).  Includes instructions, puzzles, links to amazon to buy locks, etc. and pictures of our group and the set up.  It includes a lot of scripture to look up, math (adding to 1000 so you’ll need a calculator) and obviously some logic J  My 7 kids took one hour to complete it (and I gave a few helps when they got stuck).  I am going to modify it and do it with the staff at church in a 20-30 minute activity.  All you need to do is come up with a fun story – why are you locked in the room?  Why do you need to get out? We decided that we were locked in the furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and had to escape! J  Whatever your scenario – good luck!!"

2.  Paul and Silas escape room using praise songs. $8 This one was one of my favorites to write!  I charged $8 for this one because I made and included all the clues - there is very little you will need to do except print it out and read it and set it up!  
"Read Acts 16:16-40 from the Bible or find a children’s illustrated Bible with the story of Paul and Silas in jail.  Talk with the kids/youth about what happened before, during and after – make sure and mention how they SANG praises to God even in their darkest time.  Ask questions and let them ask you questions.  Then, tell them that they are going to be put in jail just like Paul and Silas.  To break out, they will need to decipher various clues that all have to do with praise songs and hymns!  Once they open up the final box, it will trigger the earthquake that will set them free J

All of these clues need basic problem solving skills and one person will need to know how to read basic music.  Kids as young as 4th/5th grade could figure it out (perhaps offer them one free “clue” if they get stuck) and you could even use it with adults.   They may not take as long as an hour but you could make it more difficult by hiding some of the clues instead of leaving them out in the open like I suggest."

I did this one with my 4th/5th graders.  They needed some clues but did well.  I had one that could read music and one had done the pig pen cipher before.  Believe it or not, the hardest thing for them was trying to figure out to do with a youtube video song on the ipad (the instructions were on the back of the ipad - they just never turned it over! lol). 

3.  Church Library Escape Room.  $6  I have sold the least of these - probably because your church needs to have an actual church library to do it, and many churches don't have those anymore.  But it was a lot of fun! I did it with two different groups of 4th/5th graders and it took them between 45 minutes and an hour to escape.  You actually use the call numbers and books on the shelves so the library is a must...
"Can your preteens/teens escape the library in time!? To escape they will need to know how to look up scripture, and find call numbers in a library.

This escape room is a bit easier for the participants and easier to set up. But a lot of fun! In hindsight, I would probably add a few steps or make the clues harder so that next time they take a little bit longer. You can easily change the clues to make it last longer or even make it a shorter time. The setting is a church library and I did use the call numbers so you'll need to have those two things for this to work. I don't charge much for these because there is still some work you have to put in - like pulling your own call numbers. You will need to buy a few supplies (almost everything was used in the other escape room with the exception of one thing which can be bought online or at ACMoore - and probably michael's)."

I wrote this one because I thought it'd be a neat change, and my kids have both mentioned how they've done break out boxes at school - so I thought the kids would relate.  It's the same concept of an escape room - except they are breaking into a box and not out of a room :)  Usually, there's some kind of reward inside the box.  Also, I thought it could be used if you had a larger group and you could split up and have a competition!  
"There are four boxes total and you have to figure out how to get into each one.  You can have as many groups as you have materials for.  If you have a small group of 3-5 kids then you can form two teams and have them race or just give the group a certain amount of time (45 min-one hour) and see if they can beat it.  If you have a larger group, then you could make 3 small groups and let them race each other.  I would suggest around 5 or less on a team.  You could make as many of these as you want if you have more than 15 people, but then you would need to modify clue #1 which tells each group to find their hidden key in a certain spot in the room.  You could go to the website and make more word jumbles (“under a cabinet”, “under a lamp”, etc) or you could just give two groups the instructions to look “under a chair”.  Not really a big deal.  You would just need to make sure your room had at least two chairs, two tables, and/or two pictures.  The other clues would all be the same.
This “Break in” game is based on four parables – parable of the sower, talents, lost sheep and the good Samaritan."  

 5.  Christmas themed Escape room!   - $7

This is a newer one.  It's not a difficult one to set up and shouldn't be too hard to complete - you could make it harder or easier depending on your age group.  I'm thinking this would be a great Christmas time fundraiser for families/small groups to sign up and complete!
"Since this one is not a complicated set up, you should be able to have some fun extras and put some time in for decorations 😊 The extras and décor/story really help pull together an escape room.  My thoughts are below, but I intend on setting up our large nativity scene in a room and using the manger scene as a prop.  I am hoping to turn the whole room into the stable where Jesus was born.  You could read the birth story of Jesus as your intro, including the 3 Wisemen.  Then, you could read the following Scripture:

The Escape to Egypt

13 When they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up,” he said, “take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.”
14 So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt, 15 where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my son.”[c]
I realize that they were not in the stable when the wisemen actually visited – and you could mention that to the group.  It just makes for a fun set up 😊

6.  Large Group Escape Room - $20 - this one took me many weeks to organize and write.  A fellow Christian Educator asked if I had an escape room written for a large group and I said no.  I also said I didn't think that would even be possible.  But, after a lot of brainstorming and reworking, I came up with an idea! :) I provided many instructions and clues (14 total!) - hence the higher price.  If you do this escape room please let me know how it goes!  There are so many little details involved in this one - I'd be interested to know if you had to tweak anything for your group.

"This escape room is different than my other escape rooms.  It does not have a flow chart because the set up is different.  You will need to get 14 large manila envelopes.  Each envelope will include 2 unrelated clues.  You will assign one envelope to every 1-2 people depending on how many you have in your group.  You can have as few as 14 people and they get one envelope each, or you can have two on each envelope and have 28 people, or you can have two groups of 28 go against each other in a contest (you would just to buy/print double of everything)!  The options are endless!  I would recommend using this game with 14-60 people. 
There are four locks in this game.  The first three have either four numbers, letters or colors.  The last one will need a key.  Apart from the locks, hasp and lock box, there are not many supplies to buy.  Each envelope contains two clues that will HELP figure out two of these numbers/letters/symbols.  The two clues in the envelopes are not related to each other, but they are related to a clue in another envelope.  It is the job of the participants to figure out who has the other half of their clue and work together.  Some will be obvious but others will not.  The challenge of this escape room?  Each person or pair will be working with two other pairs…and those pairs will be working with another pair and so on.  Everyone will be vying for the attention of everyone else so the “key” is communication, communication and communication!  (and patience ;)" 

7.  New Year's Eve Break out box $7

I had a few people do this one and give me feedback - they loved it!  You can set it up a variety of ways, use it with all different ages and make it last as long as you want.  It's so much fun :)
This Break out box is based on 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW creation; the OLD has gone, the NEW has come!" Out with the old and in with new :) You can expand on this verse as much as you want. The idea behind this "break out box" is to complete 10 activities before midnight (or you could have a "pretend" midnight if you have younger children). The activities/clues are to be hidden inside of 10 balloons that are labeled with the numbers 10, 9, 8, etc. Start with number ten and "countdown" to number one - hopefully in time! :) some of the activities have nothing to do with breaking into the box - they just have to be completed before moving on (ie, writing down your new year's resolutions and guessing who wrote which one). Other activities, when completed, provide you with a clue to unlock one of the locks on the lock box. You need 3 lock boxes for this break out box - one main box that has 3 locks and two boxes that contain materials your youth will need to solve other clues. Make sure and fill your final box with something fun for the new year! Maybe party favors and hats...or candy? Whatever you can think of! Like most escape rooms/break out boxes, doing this with around 10 people is probably best. Fewer is fine as well. However, since many of these activities are group activities, everyone will be included much of the time. So if you have 15-20 people you could probably make it work! If you have the funds, you could buy twice the supplies and make it a contest as well :) have fun and Happy new year!!
Note - this game can be used for any year. one clue does provide trivia for 2019 but you can easily google "trivia for the year ...." and replace my questions and answers with your own.

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind...
Using Scripture, puzzles, candy and more, escape the room by solving 4 puzzles and piecing together a heart puzzle that will give you the final clue! Best for ages 4th-adult, but you could alter it to make it simpler for younger elementary.
You will need 4 lock boxes and locks, or you can get creative and construct your own so you don't have to spend money. You will also need to buy some Valentine's Day candy and some decor :) Have fun!"

"Couple your egg hunt with an escape room! You won't need many supplies for this except for a directional lock, puzzle, easter eggs and candy. Different ages can do this together or you can gear it towards a specific age as I have provided you with instructions for an "easy" hunt and for a "hard" hunt. Most of the work is on your own so this escape room plan is only $3. It's simple to understand, simple to put together but LOTS of fun :) It'll add the little extra fun and "sustenance" to the egg hunt that you've been looking for :) One of the clues does involved Scripture of the resurrection - don't forget to explain to the children that THIS is why we celebrate Easter!
I think you could do this with 20 children if you split them up into two groups - "searchers" and "solvers" :)

10.  Want to write your own escape room?  Here are a few templates that I've used that help a lot.  They're just blank flow charts that I put together for some of my own escape rooms.   

There is also a bundle offered if you buy the first four together - you'll save $3.50.  
And a holiday bundle that includes xmas, new years, valentine's day and easter.  

If you have an idea for an Escape room or a theme you'd like to do, shoot me an email!  Maybe I could write one for you!

Thanks for checking out my products and my teachers pay teachers site!  God bless!


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