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Monday, October 21, 2019

Boring week...just what we want!

Her 3rd updose!  
This was a boring and uneventful two weeks - couldn't ask for anything more :) She had to miss one dose because of a migraine, but had no problem the next day picking up where she left off.  So, instead of a blog this two weeks - since we have nothing new to report - she wrote down some things that she is looking forward to once she no longer has to fear cross contamination or "may contain peanuts" labels...

1.  trying a teeny piece of a Reese's to see how it tastes :) 
2.  eating cross contaminated food 
3.  eating chinese food!!
4.  Eating foods that say "may contain" like M&M's (yum!) and chocolate covered pretzels.
5.  Eating foods (like at church) that may not have labels on them but we know don't contain nuts (like cross contamination). 
6.  traveling anywhere and not worrying! (amen to that!)

and I'll add mine in:
7.  not worrying about having an accidental ingestion at a friend's house or at school.
8.  not having to worry about someone bullying her (someone once shoved a candy wrapper in her face on the bus that contained peanuts)...sad, but true.  
9.  giving our puppy dog treats with peanut butter in them.
10.  having the security that when she makes a mistake (because we all do), it won't be life threatening <3 

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