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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sunday school teacher appreciation idea!

I struggle every year with what to do for and give my Sunday school teachers. This year, I got an idea and searched the web for some help. I think it’s going to turn out good :)  we’re going to have a brunch for the teachers but I like to give them a little something as well.
After some thought, this is what I decided on this year - with some help from google :) I’m going to write a short thank you to each teacher from me, and then I’m going to ask the kids to each give me one word that describes each of their Smile? Smart? Kind?  Whatever they come up with.
Then, I’m going to the website

Enter in all the words that the kids gave you, then under “shapes” type in the teachers name.

Choose your colors and font and then voila! You have this precious word art that describes for the teacher what the child sees in them 😍❤️
 I can’t wait to see what words the kids come up with!

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