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Saturday, July 27, 2013

summer activities

I was wondering what I was going to do with my kids all summer.  Now that they are 5 and almost 7 I figured there would be lots we could do!  I had a whole list of stuff :)  Truth is, we are just hanging out together, and, on occasion, we work on the "list". I also made up a great little check off list for them to do every day - including math, reading, Bible, chores, etc.  We haven't stuck to it every day - but for the days we've been at home, it's been great! :) To help them with the "chores" part, I also made a list of chores for them to do around the house (they had to pick two a day).  I would love to hear more ideas on what chores your little ones do at home!
wipe off sink and potty
put away all clean clothes
wash dishes
dust living and dining room
sweep dining room
put away all toys in your room
vaccuum your room
clean off dining room table
get all trash out of the car

wipe off two mirrors

What I was more determined about this summer was to help my children learn more Bible verses and the books of the Bible - something I wish I had done more as a child.  Let's face it, at this age (esp after having two children) my memory is GONE! :)  I'm lucky if I remember I have children!  So, as part of their daily routine we work on memorizing a few books of the Bible (I use songs - so much easier!) and we've focused on a couple of verses.  I am very proud of them!  Not only have they learned John 3:16, they have memorized the entire song with the books of the Old Testament and they are halfway through the books of the New Testament!  Very, very cool.  I'm very happy for them because I know it's something they will use the rest of their lives.  To make it more fun, I stole an idea from pinterest (wish I remembered where, I didn't pin it!) to make a paper chain every time they learned a new book.  It started out like this right in front of our dining room table...

But it got too long so we moved it to their doors.

I've decided I liked it in the dining room better because they saw it every time we ate and asked to learn more (and practiced what they learned).  Now that we've moved it, they never mention it.  Think I'll move them back tonight!
If you're wondering what song we used to learn the books, the OT fits to "One little, two little, 3 little Indians" :)  The NT is harder but you can just put it in youtube and find one that suits you!  I found one in a children's hymnal that is no longer in print.

Hope you're having a great time this summer! God bless!

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