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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After school snacks!

So both of my kids eat lunch this year around 10:40...pretty early.  And, neither of them get a snack in the afternoon - so, needless to say they come home pretty hungry!  I've been stumped with after school snacks because I also send them with their lunches everyday so I felt I was getting pretty redundant.  The kids thought so too.  That's when I went to pinterest and google :)  Yea for pinterest! :)  I did a search for some ideas that my kids would like.  The obvious bowl or fruit or yogurt or carrots and dip aside, here are a few ideas I found that I will be adding to my snack list...

oh, and btw, I have limited time to get this ready once I get home from teaching prek so these do not include anything that needs a lot of preparation beforehand or anything cutesie...I like cutesie sometimes, but they are outgrowing it and there just isn't time :)  so, no little animals shapes, flowers or decorations - and nothing expensive.  I'm lucky to have something ready for them when they get home much less get fancy :)

go here to see cheeriosandlattes ideas
These look quite yummy and here in south florida, where we don't get cold weather, I am always looking for more frozen treat ideas!  These are nothing but yogurt, squeezed onto a tray and frozen.  Easy!
Something I will add to this that both of my kids love (and would go great with this) are frozen blueberries!

Go to familystyledining6 to see the original post
Along the same lines, I love the idea of frozen drinks/smoothies.  Personally, I'm not a fan of frozen strawberries (don't think they're very sweet) but I love other fruits - esp pineapple, banana and peaches. I would probably add 100% juice to this instead of sugar...

smoothie after school snack
another idea at blissfullydomestic

This same blog tells you how to make your own sorbet...might be worth a try as well...

Frozen Grapes
Go to this page to get more info...

I've never done this before.  Both my kids love frozen blueberries, but we've never tried frozen grapes...interested to see if they like them!

Apple Smash

   Definitely going to be making some homemade applesauce.  This is easy and doesn't take long...and both my kids love it!

homemade apple chips!  click here
These look awesome...and also easy!  Boil some applejuice (with or without cinnamon), cut apples very thinly (says not to worry about the seeds - they'll fall out on their own), boil til translucent, pat dry then lay flat on a baking pan and put in oven at 250 until slightly brown.  yum!
Sparkling Stars has some great ideas for snacks!
I don't know why I've never thought to make jell-o from real fruit juice!  I still don't like the coloring, but every now and then this could be a nice treat...all kids love jello!!

Berry Yogurt Pops
Get recipe here!
 This frozen blueberry, pear and yogurt popsicle looks awesome...and healthy!

Trail Mix
click here

 I'm definitely going to be making some trail mix for the kids.  It's hard to find something without peanuts and without soy that they can both eat - but my sister found a great mix they could share.  unfortunately, they didn't like the pumpkin seeds and a few other little seeds in there.  So, I'm going to make my own.  now that i know that they like dried fruit, i'll mix that with granola, cheerios/life/or some other cereal and maybe some chocolate chips or mini marshmallows.


One thing my kids like to make and eat are little soft taco pizza wraps.  I send them for lunch sometimes, but it's so quick and easy I could make them for a snack as well.   My son prefers them not rolled up so they look more like a pizza:) has some suggestions

Don't know why I didn't think of this but this site reminded me of POPCORN!!  Duh!  My kids love popcorn and it only takes a few minutes to make!  I make my own btw - no microwave popcorn for me :) That's all because of my Dad :)

So, there are some ideas.  At least I have enough listed here so they will have a week's worth of variety :)  If you have any more ideas please share!

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