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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Love That You...

I saw this done by a friend for her child and so I did it for my daughter on her 5th birthday in July - before I started this blog. Now, I'm doing it for my son :). Paulito, this post is for you!!

a tadpole he got from us for his birthday :)  we can't wait to see it change into a frog!!

Paul, I love that... still give me a kissing hand before school...and ask for one, even now at 7 years old on occasion ask for a "snuggle"...which probably won't last much longer absolutely LOVE frogs :) love to draw and create and want to be a painter/artist when you grow up love math love to play cards and board games almost always play so nicely with your sister

I love that
...your favorite movies right now are sword and the stone and charlotte's web almost always are willing to try new foods want to get up 30 min early so you can play video games before you get ready for school try to keep your room clean try very hard not to break the rules love to be silly

I love that overcame your fear of the water and now love to swim love God
...when we pray together you like to chime in have begun writing a story don't give up easily

I love that is important to you're willing to watch pretty much any show Ella wants to watch-even if that means you watch max and ruby every day :)
...when I'm sad or upset you immediately know
...your love language seems to be verbal praise and gifts are willing to help anyone you see that is in need love to play soccer with your papa reallllly want to learn Spanish also really want to go back to Peru are a stickler when it comes to us following through with what we say :)
...even though you are introverted you aren't afraid to go out and step out of your comfort zone sometimes  
...wearing plaid green and yellow shorts with a red and blue striped shirt is ok with you :)
...even though your asthma flares up a lot you've never once complained about the inconvenience...even in the hospital

I love that like to learn get excited when you see the sunrise, sunset or a rainbow have a healthy fear of things like the ocean, strangers etc. which means you almost always make the right decisions are a great student
I could go on and on...but I'll stop here :)

One last thing, I love that God gave you to us to raise. You are wonderfully made child!!  
Happy 7th birthday!!

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