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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Following God's call...

Noe and I had been discussing the possibility of moving for a while but decided to leave it in Gods hands. It's the best place to leave things right? So we put his PIF online (what Presbyterian clergy do when they are looking for a new call) in March and "let it go".  If we got called to another church we knew it would be God's decision...if we didn't, then we'd stay put.

As usual, God's timing is impeccable and His sense of humor is evident. Why? Wait to you hear where we're going :) You see, we decided that if we were going to move, we wanted to go near NC so we could be closer to family. We only applied to the surrounding states.  Then, one afternoon while I was goofing around on the computer and wasting time til the kids had to be picked up from school, I decided to search for the position he wanted rather than the state...just for fun :) When doing that I came across a church called Highland Presbyterian Church...and clicked on the web page.

The more I looked the more I fell in love. So much so, that when Noe came through the door, I told him-"I found our new church".  No kidding. I used those exact words!  He wasn't convinced at first (and maybe I wasn't either)-since the location wasn't where we wanted to go. However he liked it enough that he applied. Then another funny thing happened...after the first interview he came home saying - I don't think it went that well. I'm not sure we'll hear back. And we didn't...for a while. We had actually "written it off" as a no. Then they called back and asked for a follow up interview...and then another...and the rest is history.  There were many other interviews and a few other possibilities...but all the while this church was in the back of my just felt right. Despite the location, Noe and I found ourselves rooting for it by the end. Noe was so confident in fact that this was God's new call for us, that we accepted it without me having seen it. The power of the Holy Spirit!
So, now that it is official and both churches know, we can tell the world :) so, where are we headed?!?...

Somewhere with beautiful farmland and rolling hills...(which is right up this country girl's alley...and noe's Peruvian side loves the quietness of the area!)...
A place that has four seasons :) lol

One of the largest model trains I read in one of the tourist magazines :). Cool train museums and rides here :) my Dad and uncles will be excited :)

So many beautiful covered Bridges that they actually have a tour...went through one on my visit-very cool. I can see my mom enjoying this :)

Somewhere that has lots of markets with fresh food...

Due in part to the Amish population...

Have you guessed yet?!  Here's another hint...
This well-known landmark is only 30 minutes away😀. Lol Kids are excited about that (yeah, too).  So now you know right?! 


More specifically,
Lancaster, PA. 
Yes, I know what you are're going from tropical South Florida to PA!?!  Yep. Despite our trepidation with the snow and cold, we know God is with us...and will help us adjust :). I hope somebody teaches us how to drive in snow though!! Lol. We hit a few awesome winter sales and now have coats, long pants, sweatshirts and hats...the kids even got boots :) they are ready to play in the snow!!
They loved the hats, but how am I going to tell them they'll be wearing coats and gloves with them instead of t-shirts and flip flops? Lol. 

We are excited about our move although we will miss our church family here at Sunset tremendously...and hope you will say a prayer for us and Sunset (and Highland!) during this time of transition. It has been a wonderful three years here and we know that the seeds have been planted so that the church will now blossom and do great things under their next pastor. 

Thanks everyone and enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

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