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Monday, January 27, 2020

Trip #6...but still updose #5 :-/


Ella took her 6th trip to CHOP this past Friday.  There was good news and bad news.  The bad news actually happened last month when the updose she took in the last blog on December 21 had to be taken back down to what she was doing before.  We tried taking it for a week but she had stomach pains every night and was to the point of wanting to stop, so we went back down.  Sort of.  If you remember from the previous blog, she was taking 2 teaspoons of oat and peanut flour mixed.  It was a lot of flour.  We were excited to go down to only 1/16th of a tsp - so much easier to mix!  Unfortunately, she had to go back to the mixture because of the stomach pains...but all we had at home was peanut flour - no mixture.  So, she had to dose every night with 1/32nd tsp :)  Have you ever seen a 1/32nd teaspoon?  lol probably have to special order them :)  It was a really small dose - but it was straight peanut flour and she did great.  
1 tsp vs 1/32nd tsp
 So, her trip to CHOP this past week was to try and updose back up to 1/16th like we tried in December.  We were a little nervous because we felt stuck at this dose and were afraid we'd be here forever!   But it's all good - cause she had no reaction!  She has now taken the dose the last two nights and hasn't had a reaction either - so we're ecstatic!  In addition, she found a way to hide the smell of the peanuts - orange juice!  Yea!

trip 6!
So, even though we had to repeat a dose for over almost two months, she has now gone up to 1/16th tsp of peanut flour and only has 3 more updoses until the end!!  She goes back on Feb. 11 - pray that all goes well :)

thanks and thanks for following our peanut oit journey!

- Ella and Laurie

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