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Monday, September 30, 2013

Non-candy treats for Halloween!

  What you hand out is going to depend on where you're going to be, what your budget is and how many kids you normally get. My parents, for example, live out in the country and will get about 5-10 kids if they're lucky. One trunk or treat I went to saw hundreds of kids. Makes a here are a variety of non-candy ideas.  Hopefully you will find something that intrigues you!!

Possibly one of the best ideas out there for a treat is this:
This is so incredibly awesome. Not only is it a super deal, they are yummy AND your money goes for a good cause!!  My kids flip for these and since we have one close by, we sometimes run by after school for a special treat :) Yes, they are small - but it's all they really need anyway!  Even better, they don't expire until February so buy up a bunch and use them as stocking stuffers too!!!  Evidently, some McDonalds have gotten in on it as well...

If you're still looking after that great idea, here are 48 more :)
--Cute band aids (littles LOOOVE these!)
--Flowers (weird, but all the little 3-4 year old little girls I know looove getting real flowers - they think they're princesses :)
--Mini bags of popcorn unpopped
--Necklaces, bracelets, rings
--Individually wrapped flosses/ toothbrushes (ask your dentist to donate if you're going to a church trunk or treat!! My kids love the little flosses that are in different shapes:) )
--Mini nail polishes
--Balloons or punchballs :)  balloons may be dangerous for little ones but punch balls are super fun!!  Amazon has a great deal $13 for 50 and oriental trading actually has Halloween ones for 12 for $6
--Little notepads or sticky pads
--Character cups - Walmart and party city usually have them for .75-.85 cents. If you're not buying for a whole bunch of kids this would be fun :)
--Individual crafts - you could bag up some thread/yarn and some beads and they could take home a ready made craft (3-4 year olds love stringing beads on a pipe cleaner to make bracelets:) - if you are at a trunk or treat, you could even put out a bowl of beads and some type of bracelet material and let the older kids pick out their own beads!
--one year after Christmas I found mini bottles of bubble bath on sale for 10 cents each-how cute would those be to give out?!

Dollar Store gold...

I'm sure you could find almost all of these (in packs of 5-6) at your friendly neighborhood Dollar Store :)

little dinosaurs or other figures
sticker books
Board books
coloring books
Hair bows/barrettes
bouncy balls
crazy straws
glow sticks!! (of all shapes and sizes!!)
Mini playdohs

Oriental trading ideas:
We gave these out last year and the kids LOVED them.  They aren't the best quality, but of the 50 I bought only 1-2 didn't work well.  Not bad odds for the price!  I haven't tried the finger beams.

Fang Whistles
I thought these were pretty cool as well - whistle fangs :)
They also have Rubber Duckies galore!  Anything you can imagine...they have it :)  Kind of expensive, but if you don't get many trick or treaters this would be awesome :)
Ghost Poofs Marshmallow Treat Packs
Ok, this may be considered candy...but I put it in a different category :)  Plus, most marshmallows are a gluten free treat ;)  These are very cheap - $7.25 for 72.  And I love the ghost poop idea :)

Lots of sticky toys - lizards, frogs, hands, crosses, glow in the dark eyeballs (sweet!).  They're pretty cheap as well - $8 for 72 except for the eyeballs which are $6 for 48.
Inflatable Mini Iconic Halloween Beach Balls
Mini blow up beach balls-cute and 100 for $40 or 50 for $20. They even have Halloween ones - 12 for $6

And, last but not least, here are a few "snacky" items that aren't candy but might make a good substitute...

--gummies (I've seen some at whole food type stores with no coloring...pure fruit!)
--granola bars/fruit bars
--goldfish - suitable for almost all food allergies (except gluten) and for young kids (and they're orange :) just got me a bag of 24 individual bags (halloween themed) at walmart to give out to the littles.
--fruit squeeze packets

--mini bags of chips or pretzels
--mini cereal boxes

I WILL be doing this either at church or one of my kids' classes - or maybe my prek class!  It's too darn cute - AND healthy!
{Food Ideas} Halloween Treats for Kids by Kids
I love this idea.  Popcorn is an awesome idea - and this is a twist to the glove full of popcorn I've seen before (which I love).  
Healthy Halloween Snacks | Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids
Fruit, in general, is a great idea.  It may not be welcomed in some neighborhoods - but where we live and will be handing out candy, food is appreciated.  I love clementines for kids because they can peel them and they usually don't have seeds.  And I LOVE this idea :)  
Halloween juice box covers party ideas Halloween Juice BoxesMarci Coombs: Halloween-juice boxes covered in gauze
To wash down all the goodies, I think this is perfect for a trunk or treat!  And, evidently others do to, because when I searched for Halloween juice boxes on pinterest there were TONS of pics!  i like this simple one,  as well as this ornate one from "jack on the box" and this mummy juice box which can be covered in duct tape, toilet paper or gauze :)
Or be healthier and just go with water!  That's probably what I'll do this year :)
Bedtime water doesn't have to be boring. Craft these delightful water cozies with your kids and settle in for a good book. #spellawitcherella #healthyliving:
found here

I made these at one of my trunk or treats :)  they were gone in a hurry!  kids get thirsty when they're trunk or treating :)
All I did was tape a piece of orange paper to the sticky side (where the wrapper left residue) and then cut out eyes/noses/mouths from black shelf liner that I always have on hand ;)  I love these little bottles! perfect for kids!

seriously, how cute is this?  I've also seen this simply labeled - "Pumpkin Poop" :)  print a few labels, buy a big bag, put them in ziplocs, slap the label on and boom...good to go!  Great for a class party. Don't know about handing them out-unless you know the kids. Parents frown on candy/food that has been opened.

Last but not least, here is one idea that we'll be doing at our church for trunk or treat...but it probably will only work in places like south Florida where we'll still be sweating in our costumes and definitely won't be wearing coats over them ;)
Icee pops!!
Fun to eat right then, good for any age and fine for almost all allergies (except colorings)

If you missed my earlier post on 28 ideas for trick or trunks - go here :)
Happy trick or treating!! And be safe!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Trunk or treat time!!! 36 AWESOME ideas!!!!

We did this last year (2013) at our church for the first time and we had a BLAST!  I only had about ten cars show up, but I also had three games and an art activity the kids could do. Most kids just dropped by but I had some that stayed ALL evening :)  We had so much fun we're doing it again!! And the adults that came had fun as well! Even though we only had about ten kids in our church at the time, we had over 50 stop by from the neighborhood-what a great way to get our name out there!! And it provided a safe place for the kids to hang out (the neighborhood around our church isn't the best).
*2017 - After my fifth year of organizing trunk or treats I have come up with a set of guidelines that I hand out to my "decorators".  If you'd like to see a copy you can go HERE.

I know some people are against celebrating Halloween-esp in a church-but Ill just say is important that we reach non-churched people in our neighborhood...what better way to do that then to use a secular holiday that can be dangerous for kids (I'm surprised at how many kids are out by themselves!) and turn it in to a safe experience that brings them to the church!!  Isn't that what being a Christian is all about-finding creative ways to share the gospel with those that don't go to church? :)
So, anyway, I wanted to get a jump on it this year. I'm looking for creative trunk or treat ideas and what better way to look than on Pinterest and google? :)
Here are some of my you have some ideas I didn't mention?  please share!  I'm going to make a slideshow to show in church so everyone can get pumped up and start planning!

If you want to see where I found the pics (some explain how they make them...although most are self-explanatory) then click on the underlined words under the picture.
someone has to do this - I spy trunk!  gotta earn your piece of candy :)
I love this idea - make the kids "spy" something before they get their treat!

wow.  this is really well done!
Oh son would've flipped over this when he was younger!!  too cool :)

arrrrr...pirate trunk :)
ARRRRRRR!!!  Doesn't look too hard to do...and effective!
little work and great kind of trunk:)

Construction Site Activity for Trunk or Treat {decorate car}
Another fun idea - we have a few "handy men" in the church...I can totally see this being done!

trunk or treat spider - caught in the web!
I'm looking for non-scary ideas and this one pushes it...
but it all depends on how you make the spider look...
give it a smile and no longer scary! :)

oh my, how cute is this?! Charlie brown Christmas trunk!
One of the best Christmas specials of all time at Halloween!
I love it! It looks like this trunk combined stories but you could just do Charlie Brown...
and even bring in the famous Charlie Brown Christmas tree :)  I love the Christmas idea!

winnie the pooh trunk

petting zoo trunk
Got a lot of little animals at home?  A Petting zoo trunk - love it!!
And kids loooove animals!

charlottes web trunk
My Son's favorite movie at the moment :)  We love Charlotte's Web!!
 I think we may do this with one of our cars :)  

trunk or treat ideas / i used a green tarp, super simple
My son also wants to do this one - he is very in to FROGS right now! :)
Reach in his mouth and get some candy :)

Candy Land Trunk or Treat Idea I did last year.
Candy Land!!!  Maybe make the kids play to get their candy!
 I love the interactive trunks!!

Trunk or Treat idea. "Andy's Room" from Toy Story
Toy Story theme...You could pick any movie and do a theme -
or even a Disney theme in general!

Western Trunk or Treat Car Decorations - Trunk-or-treaters will have a rootin' tootin' good time celebrating Halloween in Western style! This themed trunk is easy to put together, so you'll have plenty of time to have fun with the little buckaroos who stop by.
Cowboy theme!  I looove this.  not too hard but very cute!
trying to think how to make it interactive...maybe pin the tail on the horse?
lasso a bull? :)  This link takes you to oriental trading where you can
even buy all the stuff :)

Oriental trading also has a fall theme trunk pack you can buy as well as safari, luau and Christian. 
Trunk or Treat idea stuffed animal jungle
Another simple but cute idea - safari stuffed animal jungle :)

Cute Halloween/Trunk or Treat Idea- Dart determines your candy
A great interactive idea!  I wouldn't use darts though - not with littles...
maybe magnetic darts or those sticky animals they sell at stores.
 Their color determines their prize!

Trunk or Treat idea- Teepee with a stuffed animal campout and a campfire made from crepe paper
Camp out theme - love the little stuffed animals...
I think this one calls for making your own s'mores!  could it work?
Trunk or Treat idea!! So CUTE!! Check out all the pix on the link. I have to do this for our trunk or treat night at church this year!
Cooking theme...makes for an easy costume :)
trunk or treat idea
Magic School Bus theme...sorry, no link for this one.

Update:  here are some that we did at our trunk or treat this year :). Check out the rubber ducky and Mexico themed ones in particular!  Verrrry cool!! :). My pictures stink-sorry. The sun was almost down and was so busy later on I didn't get to go back and get better pics. The Mexico one was just gorgeous-I didn't do it justice. 
Charlottes web :). You had to throw the rings on Charlotte if you wanted extra candy! :)

I spy!  I did this one. I took pictures of about 15 things in the trunk and printed them out for the littles-and then hung a list up for the readers. Two things I'd change-one-I would tell them what to find (esp the older ones :) and two-it needs to be explained to each child that they are playing a game of I spy...a few of the littles thought they were picking out prizes!


My goodness this was cute :). He even put something in the water
to keep the duckies moving and the water circulating!
The kids had to come by and pick up a duck
and read the number underneath.
That's how many pieces of candy they got :).
 Evidently one said 16 but I don't think anyone got it;)

I wanted to update this since there are so many more ideas out there now!!  Here are a few I found that I liked on another blog.  You can check out her blog as well if you'd like :) 

I like this, but it's too's almost taking up two spots.  Make a smaller one in front of your trunk and maybe let them try and knock it down :)

trunk or treat decorating ideas | How To Decorate Your Trunk… | Coastal Cathedral
Why didn't I think of this before!?  Your favorite sports team!  that's fun :)  

Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat
Oh man I SOOO love this one!!  
Next time I do a trick or trunk I am all over this :)  
For one fall festival I organized, I made a "pumkpin patch"
 by laminating cut out pumpkins
 (or store bought ones at educational stores) 
and writing a number on the back.  
Then, I taped them to popsicle sticks 
and stuck them in a large piece of styrofoam 
that was spray painted green.  
The kids picked a pumpkin and whatever number was on the back 
(I put 1-3) that's how many pieces of candy they got!  
They loved it!  This blog explains how they did it.  Very cool :)

Now...for some BIBLE themed ideas!!!

great bible trunk or treat ideas
                   Daniel and the lions...I think?  
I see an angel with what appears to be a lion...I'm just assuming :)  
Cute idea though - esp if you work with a few other people!
empty tomb trunk
Empty tomb trunk.  Pretty neat...and not too hard
creation story trunk
Creation this one - and you can even tell the little trick or trunkers the story as they pass by!!

Baby Jesus story
Baby Jesus story - very cool!!

trunk or treat - woman at the well - now that's a good idea for a church trunk or treat!
Woman at the Well - very creative!  neat!

LOL...what a great trunk or treat idea!
Paul and Silas in prison :)  lol, this one made me laugh -
too cute!  If the bars are easy to remove this could be a cute photo op for the kids!

Jonah and the Whale, Trunk or Treat Idea
Jonah!!  I hope someone does this one!!  too funny!
Here's an idea for a hatchback vehicle...

Decorate Your Car For Trunk or Treat Ideas
And here's the same idea for a regular car...
don't get bitten when you stick your hand in for some candy! :)

Trunk or treat idea!
I thought this was a sweet little idea - especially once it gets dark and Jesus is lit up :)
No link for this one...sorry.

Trunk or Treat Idea: Noah's Ark
And I saved my favorite for last - Noah's Ark!
This is so awesome - and his costume really adds something to it.
I'd put more animals in it...and maybe give away animal crackers :)
 Hope somebody does this one at my church!!

A few more pointers for trick or trunkers...please take into account that you will have children of all ages.  I attended one trick or trunk that took extra care to have candy for "littles" (like 1-3 year olds).  They had separate candy set aside just for them - like smarties, dum-dums, candy corns, marshmallows, etc (no gum, nothing with peanuts and not hard candies they could choke on).  I thought that was AWESOME and as a parent I always want to go back there.  Also, as a parent of a child with a serious allergy, please have a peanut free option available.  You don't need to ask every child (unless you want to) but there are a lot of children out there that have this allergy (and like I said, doctors recommend not giving children peanuts until they are 3 so don't give them to littles).  Also, as a parent and christian educator I look for non-candy give-aways.  You might be thinking - no candy?!  it's Halloween!?  But you would be surprised how thankful parents (and even some children) are when you give "things" instead of candy.  I'm going to write a post later on with some ideas of non-candy Halloween treats :)  

Hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any other ideas you've done or seen please share!!

God bless,
Laurie j.

Do you also run the VBS at your church?  Are you trying to come up with your ideas to save money?  I can help!  Check out my blog and my materials at my teacherspayteachers store!