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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gifts for Creative and crafty boys

I've been getting frustrated the last few years because I am having a hard time finding good gifts for my son. He likes being outside and riding his bike (which he's getting for Christmas this year :) ...but his favorite thing to do is to make stuff.  Ever tried to find crafts for boys in the stores?  good luck!  They are almost all girlie - with the exception of the token art set or wooden birdhouse/car/truck that they can put together and paint.  Bought it, done!  So, I am on a mission now to find some cool crafty things for my son that are cool to make...for a young boy!  If you are in the same boat as me and have found something that your son really enjoyed (and it didn't get thrown away in the next - it wasn't junk), please share it and I'll add it to the list!!

I looked on pinterest and found ideas for one time activities for boys to make - use a toilet paper roll to make a dinosaur, make a robot out of a paper towel roll, etc. but I'm looking for neat kits, activities...something he could do over and over - like bracelets for girls, and 1000 other ideas for girls.  I recently gave him a $5 potholder loom and bands and told him he could make some gifts for Christmas - he absolutely LOVES it!
this isn't the one I bought...i got a $5 plastic one from wal-mart...but it makes 4!

If only there was something he could make for himself.  I think we're going to mess around with it and try and make him a bookmark.  I have decided that he and I are going to get a lesson from my mom over Christmas on how to crochet (everybody needs to know the basics of sewing!) - so I'm on the lookout for possibilities there as well...

Here are some ideas I've found...(for the record, I found more items, but if its a one time kit to create one time...and costs more than $25, most likely I rejected it)
Balloon Modeling Kit
This one may seem silly, but I think it sounds really neat and I think my son would like it :)  Only problem is, what they heck would we do with all the balloon animals? ;)  Good thing is, he'd be the life of the kids' parties :) (box says 8 and up)
This sounds like a fun game - Watchamadrawit -quick! draw a rowboat floating on top of a mountain!! :)  I have Pictionary Jr as well which has been a hit with both my kids.  
This is a $20 kit that has 4 preprinted looms for beginner sewers...I LOVE that the 4 examples aren't super girlie!!  No hearts, princesses or barbies :)
oh man this is awesome!  I may get this for him and let him sew a little pocket on the front for his tooth pillow!!  so cute!  And it's on sale right now for $12.95! :)
Alex Toys Fold 'n Fly Kit -  Alex Toys - Toys"R"Us
I don't know if my son would be into the paper airplanes, but it looks pretty neat - and a good price!
Ah-hah! Just what I wanted - ideas for more loop projects! Don't think he'd do the purse :) but the frame and chicken are a possibility... If only it wasn't $20...
Make Your Own Opoly -  TDC Games Inc. - Toys"R"Us
Lol.  this is too funny!  We would have so much fun making this game :)  My son is a huge fan of Monopoly - and of making his own games!
This is awesome!! :)  My son would love this!!  He likes making up stories - now he can publish it! :)

The monopoly game above got me thinking...creating his own game would be so much fun!  I wonder if there's a kit out there for it?  Answer is - of course there is!! :)

Many,many different styles to choose from at this site - and an awesome price!! get a board for under $5 and a kit for just $8!  Oh man, a sweet gift for under $10...gotta get this one!
Here come some crochet kits...

Learn to make granny squares then put them together make a scarf or hat...
This one got mixed reviews and I think the book has more girlie ideas than unisex, but nevertheless, here's the link...
Ok, so not as many options as I thought there'd be, but there's a few ideas anyway.  

If I find anymore I'll add them on here - but this is more than enough for our Christmas! :) 
...forgot this one that is so popular right now!! For boys and girls :)
Rainbow loom and rubber band bracelets :)  my son is seven and can make the easiest one...but they are kind of difficult. 

 Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!


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