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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dreaming of outdoor fun for our elementary age kids!

Now that it is getting warmer we are thinking about the spring...and playing outside!  Since our kids are getting older, a regular swingset doesn't seem like a good investment.  So, I started looking around for things they might enjoy at their age...and that aren't 1000s of dollars! :)  There are some really cool ideas out there!  Can't wait to get started!!

Both my kids (especially Ella) love to swing.  I love how this one looks - not your regular swing! Paul loves to this would be good for both!  Unfortunately we don't have a tree we could hang it from...but we could build something!  Just have to be creative...
Red Super Spinner Swing

Wouldn't this be awesome!  Maybe somehow, we could attach this to the thing we want to build for the spinner swing...ideas are brewing!  On their website it's $1500...I'm sure we could build it for less don't ya think?!

Free standing rock walls, I love these I think I need to build one for my yard.

I mean look at this one!  You could make this one for almost nothing!  And it doubles as a fort ;)

@Kimberly Peterson Peterson Johnson - Could dad make something like this??
NOW we're talking!  This could be one side of our super spinner swing set contraption we build!  One side climbing wall, one side rope wall and the other steps.  love it!
Jaw Dropping Playground Design :: Seriously! I'd love to have just this one climbing piece for Joy. She would be on it rain or shine! ***Diy for the pops!

Hmmm...would this cost much to build??
Wobble Step Bridge -- several cool ideas for an activity/agility trail from a company in Scotland

OK!  And this would be the OTHER side of the super spinner swing contraption :) sweet!
Tire Climbing Tower - Blessings Overflowing

A Skateboard swing?!  Could this fit WITH the super spinner swing on our contraption??  What a simple but cool idea! 

I would love this in my back yard and so would my kids.

Ok, I think I have an idea of what I mean what my kids want ;)  It really needs to warm up so we can get started on this...but I may need to enlist the help of a few handymen :)  Anyone else got any cool ideas that you want to do/have done outside for your kids?  

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