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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Great sites for FREE Christian Education resources!

Here is a compilation of all the suggestions given by other educators on a facebook group!  Great ideas.  I'd heard of some but not all.  Can't wait to check them all out!!

1. - Wonderful printable resources.  I actually got to write a few of the children's messages.  My only "dislike" of this site is that there are a LOT of object lessons and I'm not a least not for preschool and young elementary age children.

2. - Of course we have to include this one!  If you haven't joined this site...well, you HAVE to :) Get on it!

3. - Haven't used this site before but by just browsing, it seems to have a good collection of children's sermons and printables...and pictures.

4. - I hadn't heard of this one either and after 5 minutes on their site I feel like I only touched the surface! lol  They seem to have a LOT of different kinds of materials/lessons for all ages...however, I didn't see any for real young children...please correct me if I'm wrong!  It seems like a wonderful resource for older children, youth and adults.

5. - this site goes along with the app that I referred to in my other post about "great apps for kids ministry".  It has resources that go along with the stories on the app...this is such a good resource for young children and I want to explore it more.  This and sermons4kids were the most recommended sites :)

6. - looks like a good site for resources and ideas/articles for your ministry in general


8. - This site has an actual curriculum for free for ages 3 years to 6th grade.  When you are using a particular church's curriculum like this one, I suggest that you look at their statement of faith to make sure your church is in agreement with what it teaches.  (Not that this one is bad by any means, just something you should think of when looking at curriculum)

9. - from the site, "features one of the Internet's largest collections of ideas, tools, and interaction around the world of children's ministry. This includes a searchable knowledge base of ideas, discussion forums, online store packed with resources, online training, job center, and an online garage sale for selling your used children's ministry items."

10. - This one you have to pay for - $39 for the year. From the site, 
"We are committed to helping dedicated teachers like you share the Good News of Jesus with kids by creating meaningful and fun filled Sunday school materials. We provide complete lesson plans along with ideas for bulletin boards, crafts, object talks, games, skits, stories, songs, teaching tips, and much more. We also offer our unique Topical Index, which allows you to quickly find ideas for specific subjects and themes..."

11. - a few educators recommended this site and one in particular said that it has good small and large activities and great music videos her kids love :)

12. - I use this site a lot and there is some religious stuff on it (I actually have my own store and have a few things...including a year long curriculum I just posted for $20 for church mother's morning out and preschool programs :)

13. - this is a magazine and they have activities and lessons for free as well.

14. - This is one I've used a LOT in the past because I was at a church that used the workshop rotation model.  It has tons of lesson ideas for all different kinds of activities and stories.

15. - This site is a bit different.  It offers curriculum at a "bundled" price and then has some free downloads as well.  According to the educator that recommended it, "Childrens ministry deals has a lot of free lessons and they have games, PowerPoint, lesson, ice breakers, object lessons. It's all digital download."

16. - I've used this site before.  She's got some good ideas and printables.

17. - This site looks pretty cool.  Some of these sites that I've never been to haven't been real easy to navigate.  This is simple and the resources look pretty good...of course I just glanced at a few of them, but those looked good :)  Also has lots of ways you can teach Bible verses.

18. - a few people recommended this church - evidently they put up their own curriculum.  However, I had trouble finding it on the website.  I saw some resources for youth/adults though.  Ok, another educator posted a direct link to the children's ministry, but I still don't see the resources...I'm sure I'm reading right over it!  I did find this thanks to another recommendation and it has resources for multiple VBS themes!

19. - from the website: 
  1. We provide curriculum that delivers extraordinary discipleship learning experiences. For both children and their families. We call it high impact discipleship! It is not your ordinary Sunday school. It is not family ministry that leaves parents unchanged. It is life transforming. To raise the value of children’s ministry, let’s do those learning and shaping activities that raise kids in Christ!
  2. We equip the equippers. We provide lots of training tools. Over a hundred online training videos. Handbooks. Build-it-yourself improvements. Even personal consultations. And more!
  3. It is all FREE! No kidding. No gimmicks. What used to cost thousands of dollars is now free.
20. - This seems to have a lot of articles and ideas for us as educators.  They also have lessons and curricula but it would take me a while to go through and figure out how to navigate the site.  A lot going on :)

21. - This site is a little different :)  It has themes and lesson plans that go with the theme (like "time-machine", "western") and it also has skits and puppet show skits.

22. - you can click on "search resources" and look for the story, idea or book you need.  I searched "Jonah" just for fun and a lesson came up which specified what ages it is for and activities and a plan that goes with it.

23. - "Kids Sunday School Place is your online source for fresh, creative Children's Ministry resources for Grade school and Preschool. We feature complete Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, Christian activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs, and much more. Teaching Sunday school is now easy, fun, and rewarding!"

- "Free Sunday School resources. Children's Church ideas. Children's Ministry training and guidelines. Free crafts, activity sheets, book downloads, and more."

25. - it looks as if this site is under construction, but this is what it 
says, " is about to become the online hub for all things church education.  It's where teachers andd leaders can find and share leadership resources, teaching tips, and creative classroom ideas for both kids and adults." 

26. - Ever wanted to borrow a VBS from another church or have you ever looked for someplace to donate your old one?  Here ya go! :)

27. -  The pastor at one of the churches I worked in used this site every week to get ideas for the lectionary.  He loved referencing movies and this site has a movie suggestion for every text!

28. - Science activities that teach Biblical lessons!  Very neat...and different!

Well, there ya go.  You guys are awesome.  So many great ideas!  Now I'm trying to figure out why any church would ever spend money on curricula! lol :)

Thanks everyone!  God bless!

In Christ,


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