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Thursday, September 21, 2017

My favorite blogposts for Christian Educators!

So I've been writing blogs now for a while and started wondering how many I had written just for Christian Educators.  I thought I'd make a list...then I thought...why not turn it into a blog ;) lol.  so - here are my blogposts just for Children's Christian Educators!  I had more than I thought - 18 to be exact!! Click on the picture to go to the blog.

1.  Do you have a Trunk or Treat at your church?  If not, consider it - it's a fun, inter-generational ministry that provides a safe place for the kiddos in your neighborhood!  
2.  I love the idea behind Advent Angels and I've done it almost every year since my kids were born.  I get the church involved as well!  It's another wonderful outreach activity that is also inter-generational!  

3.  One year at a church we organize a Parent/Child Valentine's Dance.  I looked around for months for ideas and put the ones I decided on in a blog :)  it was a lot of fun...I need to do it again!

4.  Maybe you could do a little cheer-spreading around your church neighborhood :)  Easy to do RAK's and not expensive!

5.  Want to have a Christian Easter Egg hunt with Christian fillers?  Here's an ideas...

6.  Looking for some good religious Christmas books that don't talk about Santa?  Here are some great ones recommended by other Christian Educators!

7.  10 fun ways to celebrate kids' birthdays in the church!!

8.  Some great apps you could use in your ministry!  31 ideas!  For some reason, google deleted the pics of the apps...but the names and links are still there :)  

9.  Looking for free resources you can use at church?  Here's a list of 28 sites!!  All free! :)

10.  Here are some Bible study books other Christian Educators have used in their churches.  I have not checked them all out so make sure they fit your theology before starting a class!  

11.  Here are some great ideas for worship music for your kiddos.  These were all suggestions off of different facebook groups I'm in!

12.  Sometimes it's hard to think of ways our children can serve are some super fun ideas!

13.  A lot of churches are using worship bags are some really neat ideas of things to put in them!!

14.  Leading your first Easter Egg Hunt can be are some hints to get you started :)

15.  This is just an idea we had once to have our church "outside" of church :)  I thought it was a really cool idea but we didn't really do it.  Hopefully for the future!!

16.  I love writing my own VBS!  It also can be a little scary to do your first one - but I've got lots of ideas here plus some of my own supplies if you want to use them!

17.  So I mentioned above that I used apps at are some lesson plans i've written for Sunday school just for the ipad (and no the apps rarely include games!)

18.  this was just a cute idea I came up with for a t-shirt design for "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" - which was one of my VBS's :)

19.  Do you struggle with "prizes" or "rewards" in church?  Here are some ideas that aren't "candy" and trinkets"!  

So there ya go!!  maybe I'll keep adding some more as I get inspired at church and by other educators!  We're always a work in progress :)
God bless!

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