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Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to school church party

Back to school!  Getting ready to walk to school!
 At church on Sunday we had a back to school pizza party during our children's church!! After doing something last year at valentines day with rocks for our neighbors, I decided we needed to do another "reaching out" to our neighborhood...or you could call it a "random act of kindness" (RAK) which I love doing. Especially anonymously :)  What better time than the first day of school!  I also had them make a small craft for their teacher.
I found this at Positively Splendid's blog.  

I also did a little something for their teachers :)
Found this print out and idea at the Crafting Chicks' blog

I put sanitizer, chap stick, kleenex, a little post it note and gum/mints :)

 I printed out the little blurb then the kids punched a hole in it and tied it to the pencil. We made over 50, divided them up, and strategically placed them around the neighborhood on sidewalks today where the kids walk to school :). Fun!!
Then came the time that I had to say good-bye at school.  Tough!  Especially since this year they surprised me by not letting us in the classrooms!  Last year I got to walk my oldest into Kindergarten, see his desk, his friends, say a little prayer with him then mosey on out.  This year, as my youngest was standing in line outside the classroom the teacher said - Ok!  Everyone say good bye to their mommies and daddies!  WHAT?  :(  So, I got my kissing hand and left :)

Then I headed off to say goodbye to my oldest who seemed to be doing great :).

Praying for my little monkeys that they are safe, good "scholars" (a word they use there) and good friends...and for my nieces and nephews that are also starting!!  God Bless all the kids starting today and the days to come! :)

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