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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to school haircuts and s'mores!

pre-hair cut
Every time I told my kids that they were going to get back-to-school haircuts this week they groaned and whined :). I'm not sure why this is bad...but they've decided that it is. Actually, the older one has, and the younger just follows :)

so I decided to couple the haircuts with an activity we have wanted to try all summer. The weather was perfect for it today so it seemed like perfect timing!  
Car s'mores!  

You put all the ingredients together for a s'more - graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows - then you wrap them up in tin foil. 

Place them on your dashboard in the summer heat and in 15-20 minutes-voila!  S'mores!!

  We put them together at home with the promise that once their haircuts were over, their s'mores would be ready. They were awesome - and I got two smiling (dirty:) faces with new haircuts! :)
ok, so the older one isn't smiling...he's too "cool" for that :)  but believe me he was happy!
Btw, if you try this at home and eat them "out" like we did - make sure and take lots of wipes :)

Happy "back-to-schooling"!

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