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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why I'm happy (*sigh) that my youngest is going to Kindergarten :)

So, I recently read a blog from the Happy Home Fairy that gave me this idea.  As humans, we sometimes dwell on the negative, worry about the inevitable and, instead of enjoying the moment, ruin it by living in the past or future.  So, instead of being sad and thinking of all the things I'm going to miss when my youngest goes to kindergarten, here are all the positive things that will hopefully keep me from crying the first day of school ;)  God wants us to give thanks to Him in ALL things - even the things that are not fun or easy.
Trying on mama's clothes

  "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."  1Thess 5: 16-18 

What do i have to look forward to when my youngest goes to K?...
- a cleaner house - less people to mess it up and more time to clean it

monkey #2 and i at the mother's day tea at school

- no one to distract me when I am setting up for school
- lunch dates with my husband
- volunteering in their classes so i can get the "behind the scenes" info 
- two days for just myself (what?!)-of course, these will be used to clean, run errands, work for the church and plan school...but still...I'll be by myself :)
- reinforcing what they learn at home (sounds corny, but looking forward to it:)
- more time to write a blog
- more time for pinterest :)
- more time for "crushing candy" (don't know you play it too ;)
- possibly squeezing in a nap time and not being woken up after five minutes with "MAMA!!!"

- going to the bathroom by myself and with no interruptions (we mamas seriously have no privacy!)
- washing, drying and putting away a load of laundry all at one time
- more time to try out crock pot meals on the days I work
- exercising (nah...think I'd rather nap)

mother's day at the beach

- having my own devotional - not just the one we do with the kids in the morning
my crazy kids playing "crazy fashion show"
- being free to do what I want after my prek class is over and before I pick up the kids
- did I say lunch dates with my hubby?
- getting to watch Blue Bloods, Hawaii 5-O, Elementary or Craig Ferguson during the day before they get home (and not having to wait until they go to bed :)
- beach trips by myself
- If i'm sick (at least monday or friday) I can actually be sick!
- reading
- eating a bowl of ice cream for lunch and not worrying about hiding it
- and finally, getting time to miss my kids :)  It's makes for a better mommy when they come home!

ok, so I still got nostalgic while writing this...but I'm looking forward to all these things as well...just gotta keep reminding myself of that :)  What are you happy about?

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